Bushfires can have enduring impacts on lives, property, social environments, and vital infrastructure. With proper management, these impacts can be mitigated effectively.

Leveraging our comprehensive understanding of bushfires and their behaviour, we conduct thorough assessments of potential bushfire risks and their ramifications. Subsequently, we develop response protocols for bushfires and high-fire danger weather events.


Comprehensive Bushfire Risk Assessments:

Our Bushfire Risk Assessments are comprehensive evaluations employing the methodology outlined in the AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 standard and integrated into the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG).


Bushfire Emergency Management Plan

The Bushfire Emergency Plan serves as a comprehensive and intricate document, furnishing instructions for managing a bushfire event (or an anticipated extreme fire weather situation). The Bushfire Emergency Plan encompasses information that can be utilised by both management and staff and, as applicable, shared with site visitors, contractors, guests, and Emergency Services.

In specific scenarios, a Bushfire Emergency Management Plan is a mandatory requirement for proposed developments such as . tourist accommodation situated in bushfire-prone areas is obliged to have one, as are other businesses operating in bushfire-risk zones under conditions necessitating a response to safeguard personnel or assets.


Its proposed contents encompass:

  • Site Overview
  • Communication Plan
  • Bushfire Risk Assessment
  • Roles of Staff and Visitors
  • Bushfire Response Procedures
  • Protocols for AFDRS Bushfire Warning Messages
  • Evacuation Procedures


Property Risk Assessments

Your property stands as one of your most substantial financial investments, making it a wise decision to safeguard it in every possible way. The reality is, if you own property in an area prone to bushfires, you face an increased risk of the potential devastation these fires can inflict.

We can guide you to a better understanding of the bushfire risks and help you understand the Asset Protection Zone required to mitigate your bushfire risk. Our property risk assessments are specifically designed to uncover potential hazards and offer guidance on bolstering your bushfire safety.


Onsite Property Inspections

When addressing bushfire safety on your property, our approach extends beyond the mere prevention of a fire reaching your home. This comprehensive assessment accounts for factors such as the risks your property may pose to neighbouring properties and the accessibility for firefighting crews to defend your home effectively.


This process can involve an onsite visit and inspection, during which we can:

  • Evaluate your Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)
  • Assess risks and hazards
  • Identify emergency escape routes
  • Determine emergency vehicle access
  • Inspect fire fighting pumps and equipment
  • Following this assessment, we furnish you with a detailed report encompassing all our recommendations for mitigating the fire risk on your property.

For those interested in delving deeper into Property Risk Assessment, please complete our online enquiry form online enquiry form.


How can we help?

With decades of experienced professionals in this field, our team is equipped to carry out a comprehensive evaluation that determines the fire risk for any site or building situated within the region. Trust Northern Australia Bushfire Solutions for unparalleled expertise in bushfire risk assessment and mitigation.


Bushfire Survival Plans


Emergencies are unpredictable

Bushfires are not known for their convenient timing; they don’t wait for all family members to be safely at home. What if it’s the weekend, and you’re away? What if your children are at school? What if you have guests or pets to consider? Your bushfire survival plan must be versatile, capable of working in various scenarios and adapting to changing circumstances.


Personalised Plans

At North Australia Bushfire Solutions, we steer clear of one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, we take the time to understand each client’s unique circumstances, keeping the entire family in mind. With a comprehensive understanding of your specific situation, we can craft a tailored Bushfire Survival Plan that outlines your preparations and delineates the specific actions you should take, whether your intent is to remain and defend or to evacuate.

This written plan equips you with all the essential information to secure your home. It details the actions each family member should take on days of heightened fire risk and in the event of a bushfire.


We’re here to assist you in considering and planning for:

  • Potential bushfire behaviour
  • House and property readiness
  • Comprehension of fire danger ratings, bushfire alerts, and messages
  • Understanding your unique risks
  • Strategies for early evacuation on High Fire Danger days
  • Preparedness to stay and defend against a bushfire
  • Personal safety, both physically and emotionally
  • Preparation of a Bushfire Survival Kit
  • Already have a Bushfire Survival Plan in place?

Regularly practising your Bushfire Survival Plan is vital, and it’s equally crucial to review it annually. Family circumstances change, and so should your plan. As experts in bushfire management, we stay updated with the latest advice and emergency management strategies. Therefore, we can evaluate your existing Bushfire Survival Plan and offer recommendations for any necessary adjustments to enhance your chances of survival.




Bushfire Training

North Australia Bushfire Solutions has a rich history of collaboration with large organisations including government agencies, landholders and Indigenous groups and communities across northern Australia aiming to support and develop Bushfire Mitigation Programs and deliver practical, dynamic training.

Sustainable Land Management

Navigate uncertainties with confidence through our Sustainable Land Management Planning including Prescribed burn planning and implementation, fire trail maintenance, asset protection zone management, Weed management and weed control.

Community Engagement

Northern Australia Bushfire Solutions thrive on engaging with communities to facilitate involvement in decision making and sharing responsibility in managing bushfire risk. We recognise the expertise that exists within communities and on country and work towards a collaborative approach to bushfire mitigation and response.

“Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is the largest private owner and manager of land for conservation in Australia, effectively protecting wildlife and their habitat across more than 6.5 million hectares at over 30 locations. Managing fire is an essential part of our work. It helps to improve habitat for threatened wildlife, preserve fire sensitive plant communities, prevent wildfire, and protect assets. We recently engaged Brett to run a training workshop at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary in central Australia where he provided training in many aspects of fire management including aerial incendiary operation. Brett has enormous depth of knowledge and an engaging informative presentation style. He catered for the full range of skill and ability levels amongst participants and made sure everyone received the tuition they needed.”

Steve Eldridge (AWC) Operations Manager Ngalurrtju - Mt Wedge


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