North Australia Bushfire Solutions provides a variety of Emergency Management training programs designed to accommodate individuals at all experience levels.

Our certified trainers bring with them over 20 years of operational experience in Emergency Management, both locally and internationally. Their expertise spans across various hazard types and incidents. What sets our training apart is its tailored approach, aligning with your specific operational capabilities, policies, and procedures. We believe in a hands-on, practical style of training that’s far from being a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Additionally, we provide ongoing support and mentorship to assist you on your journey.

Our diverse range of training units is designed to accommodate everyone. If you’re a landowner, you can learn how to effectively plan and execute prescribed burns. Business owners and their teams can benefit from incident management training, equipping them to handle emergency situations efficiently.

We also offer advanced training units focused on emergency management planning, response strategies, and specialised firefighting training. Regardless of your current level of knowledge or experience, our bushfire training packages have something to offer you.

Indigenous Training

North Australia Bushfire Solutions has a rich history of collaboration with Indigenous groups and communities working on country across Australia.

Our training is hands-on utilising community resources and equipment, we recognise the cultural significance with working on Country and we prioritise maintaining small class sizes to ensure effective interaction with all participants.

Our training programs are carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of each community and Ranger group. Our focus is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to undertake their own fire management programs and explore fee for service opportunities such as prescribed burning and additional income source and employment opportunities.

This immersive approach creates a positive and engaging learning experience with active participation whilst allowing participants to become familiar with their own tools and surroundings being supported within their peer and family network.


Sustainable Land Management

Navigate uncertainties with confidence through our Sustainable Land Management Planning including Prescribed burn planning and implementation, fire trail maintenance, asset protection zone management, Weed management and weed control.

Community Engagement

Northern Australia Bushfire Solutions thrive on engaging with communities to facilitate involvement in decision making and sharing responsibility in managing bushfire risk. We recognise the expertise that exists within communities and on country and work towards a collaborative approach to bushfire mitigation and response.

Prescribed Burning

North Australia Bushfire Solutions has extensive experience in planning and managing prescribed burns in the savannah grasslands of northern Australia and the deserts landscapes further south. Controlled (Planned) burns are commonly employed to protect critical assets and infrastructure, reduce fuel loads, promote biodiversity and mitigate the risk of uncontrolled wildfires. Traditional landowners and pastoralists often plan controlled burns during specific seasons based on factors such as weather conditions, fuel load, and ecological considerations.

“Brett Stephens and the team were great to work with during our recent fire training event. They came highly recommended to us, and we can see why. They are a professional, experienced, and dedicated outfit.”

Rhys Swain


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