We offer annual wildfire training in many areas, this includes Firefighting Operations, Prescribed Burning, and Aerial Incendiary Burning

Our training empowers our clients to execute an extensive prescribed burn program on their respective lands. This training is instrumental in supporting safety for Traditional Owners and their Ranger Groups, effectively reducing bushfire risk.

This sustained partnership serves to diminish the bushfire risk across a substantial expanse of the Aboriginal Land Trust. Consequently, it enhances the capacity to generate income through carbon projects and fortifies the safeguarding of community infrastructure, assets, and sacred sites against the threat of bushfires. Our commitment to long-term collaboration and fire safety is paramount in this endeavour.

“Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is the largest private owner and manager of land for conservation in Australia, effectively protecting wildlife and their habitat across more than 6.5 million hectares at over 30 locations. Managing fire is an essential part of our work. It helps to improve habitat for threatened wildlife, preserve fire sensitive plant communities, prevent wildfire, and protect assets. We recently engaged Brett to run a training workshop at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary in central Australia where he provided training in many aspects of fire management including aerial incendiary operation. Brett has enormous depth of knowledge and an engaging informative presentation style. He catered for the full range of skill and ability levels amongst participants and made sure everyone received the tuition they needed.”

Steve Eldridge (AWC) Operations Manager Ngalurrtju - Mt Wedge

Northern Land Council

Annually, we deliver essential training in firefighting operations, prescribed burning, and aerial incendiary burning, enabling our clients to orchestrate a more extensive prescribed burn program on their lands.

Central Land Council

We offer annual wildfire training in many areas, this includes Firefighting Operations, Prescribed Burning, and Aerial Incendiary Burning.

Troppo Architects

Our involvement in this project centred on delivering early Bushfire Risk Assessments for numerous sites. We were commissioned to assess the potential bushfire risk and aid in the selection of preferred sites necessitating minimal vegetation clearance and boasting lower Bushfire Attack Levels.


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