Unite, Prepare, Plan, Survive:Mitigating bushfire impacts across Northern Australia

About us

North Australia Bushfire Solutions is an independent bushfire management company operating in North Australia.

Territory Owned and Proud, we work closely with a wide range of stakeholders, and communities including councils, Indigenous groups, governments and ,multinational corporations and environmental groups.


Bushfire Training

North Australia Bushfire Solutions has a rich history of collaboration with large organisations including government agencies, landholders and Indigenous groups and communities across northern Australia aiming to support and develop Bushfire Mitigation Programs and deliver practical, dynamic training.

Sustainable Land Management

Navigate uncertainties with confidence through our Sustainable Land Management Planning including Prescribed burn planning and implementation, fire trail maintenance, asset protection zone management, Weed management and weed control.

Community Engagement

Northern Australia Bushfire Solutions thrive on engaging with communities to facilitate involvement in decision making and sharing responsibility in managing bushfire risk. We recognise the expertise that exists within communities and on country and work towards a collaborative approach to bushfire mitigation and response.

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Northern Land Council

Annually, we deliver essential training in firefighting operations, prescribed burning, and aerial incendiary burning, enabling our clients to orchestrate a more extensive prescribed burn program on their lands.

Central Land Council

We offer annual wildfire training in many areas, this includes Firefighting Operations, Prescribed Burning, and Aerial Incendiary Burning.

Troppo Architects

Our involvement in this project centred on delivering early Bushfire Risk Assessments for numerous sites. We were commissioned to assess the potential bushfire risk and aid in the selection of preferred sites necessitating minimal vegetation clearance and boasting lower Bushfire Attack Levels.
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